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  • How is being “pro-ana” any better than being “pro-fat”?

    I am fat and I accept that about myself, I might not be the most beautiful girl you ever see and ya I have stretch marks, and “imperfections” but I live with them. How in the hell is encouraging people to vomit or starve themselves a good thing! Atleast pro-fat/fatspo blog encourage women (or men) to love there bodies and not be ashamed of what the look like. Almost killing yourself to be “perfect” (which doesn’t exist) is not a good thing! So if you are going to bash people who encourage self love maybe you should step back and take a look at yourself.

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      I think both are equally retarded and would make for a great reality tv show.
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      i hate both promotion tags I just go with: dont be a dick because people are different. Unless theyre hurting themseves...
    3. mission145 answered: it’s not but I think that the message that some fatspo bloggers try to convey are just as unhealthy.
    4. bookedtea answered: See…all I see from the whole “self love” things, involve putting someone else down for their body one way or another. Notsayingproanaisgood
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